West Orlando Middle School Put on Lockdown After 6th Grade Brought 9mm Semiautomatic Weapon to School


All parents, teachers, and students should know by now that a school is no place for weapons including but not limited to knives and guns. Of course, a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun should not be brought to school. The presence of this gun around children can be a recipe for danger, personal injuries, and wrongful death. A 6th grader went to his middle school in west Orlando with a 9 mm handgun. Officers were called to the school and went to the classroom where the student was attending class. The officer safely separated the student from his backpack where they located the gun. The student acknowledged that there was a stolen gun in his back pack. The school along with police responded in a manner that was swift and controlled. Fortunately, nobody was hurt by the presence of this dangerous gun on school premises. I commend the police and school officials for taking care of this situation for the protection and safety of the students including the one that brought the gun to school. You can read more about this story at West Orlando Middle School Student Arrested for Bringing Gun to School.