Wesley Chapel, Florida – Infant Scalded by Hot Bath Water as Mother Attempts to Wash Spider Down Drain


A twenty seven year old mother accidentally scalded her five month old son with hot bath water. Apparently, the woman was drawing a bath for the child when she saw a spider in the bathtub; when she attempted to wash the spider down the drain, it jumped out of the tub and onto the child’s arm. She then tried to rinse the spider off of the child by putting the child directly under the running water, not realizing that the water was too hot. The child was brought to the local fire station, where he was found to have second degree burns on his body.

Investigators have determined that the incident was an accident. Other family members at the home told investigators that they were not aware that the hot water heater was set so high. A Pasco County, Florida sheriff’s deputy watched the child’s grandfather turn the heat down. The child has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home with his family.

This unfortunate accident drives home the point that parents need to be vigilant to protect their children at all times. Read more about this unfortunate accident at Mother Trying To Kill Spider Scalds Baby.

If a child has been injured by someone else’s negligence, a Florida Child Injury Lawyer can advise you as to your child’s legal rights and the laws pertaining to damages / compensation for these injuries.