Wellington, Florida – Child, Brielle Garrison, Born Without Eyes


Fifteen year old Taylor Garrison recently gave birth to a daughter, Brielle Garrison, in Wellington, Florida. The child suffers from a very rare condition, called Anophthalmia, which results in a lack of ocular tissue.

The doctor on the case, Dr. Lee Friedman, of the Microsurgical Institute, reported that the last time he saw a case of Anophthalmia was twenty two years ago. He further stated that the disorder is not hereditary, but rather is caused by a sporadic mutation. The disorder occurs in one out of every one hundred thousand births, and its cause is unknown.

The Garrison family will now have to consult with a large number of doctors, surgeons and specialists who will try to ensure that the disease does not cause the baby’s face to be deformed as she grows. The family and doctors hope that more families of children suffering from the rare disorder will come forward so that more medical attention will be focused on the matter.

The young mother has vowed to treat Brielle just like any other child. You can read more about this unusual disorder and the Florida family who is dealing with it at A Rare Condition Causes Baby in Florida To Be Born Without Eyes.

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