Welcome Back to School – School Safety Tips for North Florida (Jacksonville) Florida Parents


August is Back to School Time for most children in North Florida including Duval County, St. Johns County, Clay County, and Nassau County Schools. When children return to school, everyone is affected and everyone should watch out for children. School buses are out in force. Most school buses are big yellow school buses. When driving near a school bus, slow down and stop when required by Florida law. Many children walk or ride their bicycles to school. Slow down for these children. As you may know, children often time lack good judgment when riding their bicycles and crossing streets. Slow down in school zones. Speeding in a school zone will get you a traffic citation and a higher fine. More importantly, speeding in a school zone puts children, teachers, and others in danger. Slow down.

Traffic will inevitably be affected and slowed down during morning and afternoon hours. Be patient while on the roads. Having our children in schools and be properly educated are priorities for our community. If the traffic takes a few minutes out of your day, take a breath and realize that a few minutes here and there will not drastically change your life; however, speeding in school zones or where children are crossing streets or riding bicycles can change a life and the lives of others as well.