Watch Out for Semi Tractor Trailers . . . Semi Truck Burst into Flames in Jacksonville, Florida


In Jacksonville, Florida, there was a recent crash that involved a semi tractor trailer that could have caused serious personal injuries and wrongful death. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported according to the Florida Times Union. As Sydney R. Snow was attempting to merge into U.S. 1 from Interstate 295, he crashed into the gas tank of a semi tractor trailer. The gas tank from the semi tractor trailer burst which put the truck into flames. Thereafter, the semi tractor trailer crashed into a another vehicle, hit a concrete barrier, slid down an embankment, and then ultimately landed in a body of water. The truck driver (Christopher Roberts) was treated at Shands Jacksonville Hospital. The other driver (Victor L. Schmookler) involved in this crash was also treated at Shands Jacksonville Hospital.

Drivers should pay attention to traffic and road conditions. Passenger vehicles are no match for semi tractor trailers. To the extent possible, steer clear and keep a safe distance away from semi tractor trailers. There is also a duty of semi tractor trailer drivers to operate this large vehicles in a safe manner. You can read more about this story at Semi Tractor Trailer Catches on Fire in Jacksonville, Florida Crash.