Walt Disney World – iphone Program Reports Lines for Rides


Walt Disney World is magical in many respects except for its long lines. Many people visit Disney World and have a great time. Long lines, however, are never fun. A dad, who was tired of long lines, created a nice program for Apple’s i phone. Wait Times is an iphone application that will display reported wait times for lines for rides at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Users of the program can enter or view wait times on their iphone. The accuracy of the wait times will depend on visitors to Walt Disney World. At the present time, Walt Disney World does not provide such information on its website or the internet. At 99 cents for the download, Wait TIme appears to be a worthy program for the price. Spend a buck and save some time the next time that you visit the Magic Kingdom. Another piece of advice from me – hang on to your iphone and other mobile phones at Walt Disney World and other theme parks. I misplaced my mobile phone once while at the Magic Kingdom. With all of my information on the phone, I was worried about losing the phone permanently. Fortunately, a good citizen turned my phone into Lost and Found.

You can read more about Wait Times,a program created by Brent Pope of Jacksonville, Florida at Tired of Long Lines at Disney World? Now There Is an iphone Application for Them.