Volusia County, Florida – Toddler Suffers Serious Personal Injury / Head Injury After Fall from Third Story Window


A 3-year-old girl fell out of a third-story window in Volusia County, Florida. The child sustained a “substantial” head injury according to police. An investigation by the Daytona Beach police indicated that the child was leaning against a window screen when it gave way, resulting in the fall. When police arrived, the child was found face-down in a pile of mulch adjacent to a slab of concrete. It is unknown whether or not the child hit their head on the concrete slab. The child was rushed to Halifax Hospital with a “substantial” head injury. Police stated the mother of the child, Cecily Miller, was in another room at the time of the accident. Miller heard a strange sound followed by her daughter crying and then observed her on the ground. The case is being treated as an accidental fall. To read more details on this accident see 3-year-old girl falls from her third-floor window.

This is a very unfortunate incident for the child and her mother. Children have a tendency to wander off and get into things. A safety precaution that could prevent unfortunate accidents similar to this one is a window guard. Child safety experts report that that window screens are an insufficient safety device and that window guards increase protection for your child. You can read more on window guards at Installing window guards for your child’s protection.