University of South Florida Football Player (Maikon Bonani) Injured After Fall from Busch Gardens Ride (Tampa, Florida)


The Associated Press reported an incident that recently took place at Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida. Maikon Bonani, age 20, was working at the theme park at the Skyride Attraction which takes park guests on a gondola ride. Maikon thought that one of the gondola doors was unlocked and held onto the door to check on it. Apparently, he held onto the door as the ride left the platform area. Thereafter, Maikon let go and fell 35 feet into a landscaped area. Maikon was later taken to the hospital.

As an employee or Busch Gardens, Maikon’s medical bills and injuries should be covered by worker’s compensation. In Florida, a worker can recover benefits for an on the job injury even if the injuries were caused by the acts of the employee. From news reports, it is uncertain what safety precautions were in place to prevent an injury of this nature.

The circumstances regarding the injury were released by Busch Gardens. You can read more about this story at USF Football Player Injured After 35 Foot Fall at Busch Gardens.