University of Florida (Gainesville) – Fewer Reports of Alcohol Related Hospitalizations


The University of Florida has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of students sent to the hospital for alcohol-related problems. For example, last fall only 8 students, all of who lived on campus, were sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, compared with 26 students in fall 2006. This recent decrease is not surprising to administrators at the University of Florida, in fact it coincides with a time in which the University of Florida has expanded advertising campaigns, educational efforts and punitive measures aimed at reducing alcohol abuse. Also, UF has seen decreasing rates in binge drinking and dropped in the “party school” rankings.

However, some of the locals offer a different reason for the decrease in UF’s alcohol-related statistics – they attribute the reduction to the University’s rising academic standards. One Gainesville bar owner said the culture changes the more difficult it becomes to be admitted into the school.

UF had its first mandated online alcohol education program for students in 2006. Then, in 2007, the University instituted advertising campaigns such as “sketchy drunk guys” and other novel messages. Plus, UF’s President, Bernie Machen has been focused on the issue of alcohol abuse since his arrival. If you would like to read more on this topic please see UF experiences a substantial decrease in alcohol-related hospitalizations.

Parents should teach their children about the risks of alcohol abuse, especially before they send their children off to college. consuming too much alcohol can result in personal injuries and sometimes death.

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