University of Florida (Gainesville) Suspended for Hazing Pledges (Sigma Lambda Gamma)


The Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority chapter at the University of Florida has been suspended for hazing violations. Pledges were required to follow a list of 37 rules imposed by initiated sisters of the sorority. The 37 rules included physical activity requirements like push ups and running. Furthermore, there were rules and restrictions as to eating, make up, and how to get to classes. Pledges were not allowed to use campus elevators. New reports indicate that one pledge got sick in the process. Many may think that this is all part of the initiation process and nobody was seriously injured. This is really short sighted thinking. It is well known that hazing has caused wrongful death and serious personal injuries to college students throughout the nation. Furthermore, there is a psychological toll to pledges or recruits from hazing. The immaturity of some college students is readily apparent when hazing incidents are publicized.

The University of Florida bans physical brutality and any other activity that could adversely affect the mental health or dignity of a student. You can read more about the suspension of the Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority at University of Florida Sorority Suspended for Hazing Violations.