University of Florida Fraternity – Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) Accused of Hazing College Students


The University of Florida is a very good college that is increasingly getting more difficult to admitted for college. The University of Florida is home to the Gators, thousands of college students, and many fraternities and sororities. Those lucky enough to gain admission and get an education there often times squander the opportunity given to them. Some drink too much. Some waste their time away rather than attend to their studies. Some haze or abuse other students in the fraternity system.

Students can be seriously harmed emotionally and physically from acts of hazing. Some college students suffer serious personal injuries and even death as a result of hazing. Some Florida fraternities are mere gangs with more formally educated members. The spirit of brotherhood does not thrive in an environment of hazing. The spirit of brotherhood is better served with hard work, honesty, integrity, and friendship.

I am a college graduate of the University of Florida and also a proud alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. I am quite familiar with the fraternity system. When I was in college, I heard stories about hazing that took place at other fraternities (including TEP) and it looks like the not so fine tradition of hazing has continued into the year 2008. The UF Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) Fraternity is currently being investigated for hazing which included forcing pledges to consume laxatives, having body part submerged into water, pouring food on them and forcing the pledges to do physical exercises. These shameless acts (if true) do not promote brotherhood or integrity. The acts only serve to embarrass and demean the pledges and to form as a sick and twisted form of entertainment for the older brothers of the fraternity. Many fraternities have been suspended and even have lost their charters for hazing. School officials, the University of Florida Police Department, and / or the Gainesville Police Department should complete an investigate and punish those responsible for these acts of hazing.

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