University of Central Florida – Arrest Made Regarding Alleged False Imprisonment and Battery on Delta Delta Delta Sorority Member (Maria Mishler)


In Orlando – University of Central Florida and other college towns around Florida and the United States, students often take on jobs in order to help pay college expenses and bills. It can be quite difficult juggling studies, extracurricular activities, and work. In Orlando, one such student (Maria Mishler) reported that she was falsely imprisoned by the manager of the Fubar – a popular sports bar frequented by University of Central Florida students and others. According to a story posted in the Orlando Sentinel, the manager – Matthew Merdian – had been drinking and was making sexual advances towards Maria. The alleged incident took place in an office that had been locked by Merdian who “forced her to straddle a chair by placing his hands on her shoulders.” Fortunately, Maria was able to get away but was certainly fearful of her safety during this incident

Merdian denies the allegations but had no comment following his arrest. Of course, Merdian will be entitled to defend himself against the allegations. The investigation ir or discovery in this matter may reveal witnesses with knowledge of the incident and statements. It is also possible that criminal investigations of this nature will yield videotape evidence that may help support the prosecution. Then again, videotape evidence, if it exist, may end up assisting the defense of this matter.

Regardless of the outcome of this criminal case, it is important for all college students to be careful anytime that there is drinking or crowds around. Alcohol affects motor skills and inhibitions. Keep in mind that getting drunk is not a good excuse for bad or criminal actions. You can read more about this story at Fubar Manager Accused of Attacking University of Central Florida Sorority Member.

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