Universal Theme Park Makes Changes to Harry Potter Roller Coaster Ride Following Second Injury


Due to recent personal injuries sustained by two different amusement park attendees, Universal Orlando has temporarily changed one of its popular Harry Potter-themed thrilled rides, the “Dragon Challenge.” The two victims where allegedly struck by loose objects causing one of the victims to lose his right eye. The “Dragon Challenge” consists of a pair roller coasters that are simultaneously launched and pass within feet of each other as the advance along the track. The near-misses that have been the hallmark of the attraction has been temporarily removed from the ride, the roller coasters will no longer be simultaneously launched. The first incident occurred on July 31, 2011 when 52-year-old Carlos Montalvo, of Puerto Rico was struck in his right eye while riding the attraction, he was sitting in the front seat of one of the roller coasters. According to Montalvo’s attorney, Clay Mitchell, the unfortunate incident caused Montalvo to lose all vision in his eye and ultimately have it permanently removed. The second incident, occurred sometime in August 2011 when 19-year-old Jon Wilson, of Ohio, said he was hit by something on his foot, arm and face. Wilson initially thought it was a bug, but once he observed blood on his hands he knew he was struck by something else. Tom Schroder, Universal spokesman, said Universal Orlando officials have conducted a “thorough review” of the attraction and do not “believe the ride itself played a role in these incidents.” However, until the further investigation is completed the coasters will not cross at their typical intersection points. It has been speculated that guests’ personal items have been discharged while riding the attraction. For more details please read Universal Orlando makes changes to Harry Potter-themed dueling roller coasters.