Unfortunate Drowning on Camping Trip – 3 Year Old Drowns at Ralph Simmons Park – Nassau County, Florida


A 3-year-old Nassau County, Florida boy tragically drowned in the St. Mary River on Saturday, June 5. The child was on a camping trip with his family when the horrible event occurred. The father of the child stated that briefly before his son died the boy was wearing a life jacket and playing with other children along the shoreline of the river. Once the father noticed a storm approaching, the father removed the child and his brother from the water, it was at this time when the child’s life jacket was removed by another adult in order to dry off. At the same time, the father received a phone call on his cell phone and distracted him for no more than 2 minutes. However, those brief 120 seconds happened to be enough time for the child to wander back into the water. After searching for about 45 minutes, the father found his child’s body in a shallow area of sandy water. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The father of this young boy gave a strong and important message: “Just watch your kids around the water. Don’t take your eyes off them.”

All parents should heed this father’s advice. Parents, babysitters, day care providers, teachers, camp counselors and others should always be aware of where their children are and their children’s surroundings. It only takes a few seconds, as seen here, for a child to wander off and tragedy occur. If children are in or around areas that are more dangerous than others, like water, parents and adults should take extra preventive measures to protect these children from such dangers. Although this child was wearing a life jacket while in the water, he only had if off for no more than a few minutes before wandered away.

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