Two Teens Suffer Personal Injuries in Bicycle versus Automobile Accident in Avon Park, Florida


Two teenage boys riding bicycles were seriously injured after being involved in an accident with an automobile. The two boys were identified as Jim Allan Bass, Jr., 17 and Deyven Lee Bottner Scott, 16; the teenagers are listed in serious and critical condition respectively. The driver of the 4-door Chevrolet that was involved in the accident was identified as 55-year-old William Edgar Futch of Sebring. According the Florida Highway Patrol’s report, both teens were riding on one bicycle and traveling north on the east shoulder of U.S. 27. The bicycle crossed in front of Futch, hitting the Chevy. After coming into contact with the automobile, Bottner Scott was trhown onto the road and came to rest in the center lane on U.S. 27; Bass was thrown into the east shoulder and the bicycle was lodged under the right from bumper of the Chevrolet.

All north bound lands had to be closed in order to let a medical helicopter pick up the teenagers and transport them to a hospital. Bass was taken to Florida Hospital and Bottner Scott, whose injuries were more severe, was transported to Tampa General. The report revealed that alcohol was not a factor in the accident. If you would like to read more on this story please see Two teenage boys in serious and critical condition after their bike collides with an automobile, each teen sustains severe personal injuries.

Florida roadways can be extremely dangerous to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Many accidents involving automobiles, bicycles, or pedestrians that cause personal injuries could have been prevented with better safety awareness. Driver distraction is a huge problem in the state of Florida and Florida has no laws regulating the use cell phones while driving. Therefore, drivers are solely responsible for keep their distractions to a minimum when driving. Doing so will make Florida roadways a safer place for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

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