Two Teens Reported Dead After Crash in Santa Rosa County Florida


In Santa Rosa County, Florida, a fatal crash was reported that ended the lives of Zoe Chandler (age 18) and Brandi Bartholomew (age 15) died in a one vehicle accident when the driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle and hit a concrete culvert. As a result of the impact, the truck subsequently rolled onto its side. It was reported by the Florida Highway Patrol that Nadja Chandler (age 38) was driving the struck. Tragically, both teens died at the scene as a result this single car accident. See 2 Teens Killed in Florida Panhandle Crash.

Since two teens died as a result of this accident, the Florida Highway Patrol will conduct a traffic death investigation to determine the cause and preventability of this fatal crash. Whatever the cause or reason, lives were lost and families will be forever impacted due to the untimely and tragic deaths of these teens.

Tragic accidents like these should remind us all about the importance of safe driving and the unpredictability of some accident that take place on Florida roadways and highways. Basic safety measures like driving at a safe speed, obeying road and traffic signs, keeping distractions at a minimum, and wearing seat belts can help avoid accidents or lessen the injuries that result from automobile accidents.

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