Two Florida Children Die When Boat Capsizes in Lake George


Florida summers bring with it swimming and boating activities. Florida summers also bring stories of tragedies and deaths that take place in Florida swimming pools, lakes, rivers, canals, and oceans. In Ocala, Florida two children died after a boat capsized in Lake George. A storm produced waves three to four feet high that, in turn, capsized the boat. Dennis Clayton Lennon, age 4 of Umatilla, Florida, and Ciara Puskas, age 14 of Eustis, Florida died when they were trapped in the cabin of the capsized boat.

When boating or planning a boating outing, a responsible adult should pay close attention to weather reports and plan accordingly. Of course, many incidents are tragedies that could not be predicted or prevented. Others tragedies including serious personal injuries and deaths to Florida children result from poor planning, improper equipment, and the failure to use life jackets and other safety measures.

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