Trends in Accidental Deaths and Wrongful Deaths Among Children

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The death or personal injury of a Florida child is a tragedy for the family and community. This is especially true when the death was caused by the wrongful or negligent acts of another person Safe Kids was founded in 1987 by the Children's National Medical Center. This organization gathers and releases data regarding the deaths of children in the United States. While it appears that accidental child deaths have declined since 1987 in many categories, it is still troubling to see the thousands of child deaths in Florida and Nationwide caused by wrongful or negligent acts of others.

The decline in deaths may be related to education, enactment of criminal acts, improved safety awareness, improved safety equipment, and other advances in the last 20 years. Deaths in the following areas have declined since 1987:

Motor vehicle (automobile accident) occupant deaths;
Bicycle injury deaths;
Fire and burn related deaths;
Airway obstruction (choking) deaths;
Unintentional or accidental firearm (shooting) deaths;
Fall injury deaths; and
Poisoning deaths.

Statistics are meaningless when it is your child who is injured or dies as a result of the negligence or fault of another person or business. It is helpful to have a Florida child personal injury attorney review the facts and circumstances of your child’s personal injury or wrongful death.