Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) On the Increase in Student and Youth Athletes


In Florida and other states, young athletes play various sports including football, baseball, soccer. and lacrosse. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries are common in youth sports. Because of the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries, it is important for coaches, parents, referees, and league administrators should be educated and aware of the causes and effects of traumtatic brain injuries / concussions. The Center for Disease Control reported that over 248,000 athletes were evaluated in emergency rooms for concussions and related injuries in 2009. The sports most linked to these injuries were playground activities, basketball, soccer, football, and bicycling.

There are various signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include the following:

loss of consciousness (even if it is only briefly);
balance problems;
double vision;
blurry vision;
sensitivity to light;
sensitivity to noise; and / or

If a parent, coach, teacher, or caregiver believes that a child may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, it is best to have the child examined and evaluated by a local emergency room and / or a specialist. See also Greater Awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sports Means Better Reporting.

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