Trampoline Safety Tips – Child Safety and Precautions Can Prevent Personal Injuries


In Florida, we enjoy great weather virtually year round. In most neighborhoods, you will see trampolines which can be great fun for children. Unfortunately, trampolines are also the site of serious personal injuries to children. While not all injuries can be prevented, following some basic safety tips can help reduce the number and severity of Florida trampoline related child personal injuries. A good article was posted at the
website – The following tips were suggested:

1. Provide adult supervision while the children on on the trampoline;

2. Inspect the frame and springs and make sure that the trampoline pad is the right fit and style for the trampoline;

3. Limit play on the trampoline to one child at a time;

4. Keep the trampoline away from other areas or objects that may cause a safety issue when playing on the trampoline; and

5. Have a trampoline enclosure in place.

Parent, child care providers, and others should provide child with supervision and safe equipment. Supervision and safety can prevent many child personal injuries.