Florida Trampoline Injuries: A Common Injury in the Backyard


Florida children are injured every day on Trampolines in the United States. Children use trampolines year round in warm weather cities like Jacksonville, Florida and other Southern Cities. While it is quite nice to go outside virtually every day, it also means that Florida has its fair share of trampoline injuries.

According to a 7 year study through the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island, a majority of the injuries (over 90 %) occur at home. There were over 70,000 emergency room visits in 2002 as a result of trampoline injuries. Some injuries occur as a result of landing too hard on an ankle. Other injuries result from unsupervised “horse play” or dangerous stunts by the children.

It is important to have adult supervision with any trampoline. Children often times focus on the fun and the stunts rather than safety issues.

According to Peter Salob, an an orthopedic surgeon at Englewood Hospital, says, “The majority of trampoline injuries that we see are in the upper extremities. Most of these occur in the wrist and the elbow. The injuries include sprains, fractures and dislocations.”

Homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover injuries resulting from a trampoline. The homeowner has a duty to report the fact that a trampoline is on the property so insurance rates can be adjusted properly. If you have a trampoline, you have a duty to supervise the children using it. If you have a child who has been injured on a trampoline, you should consult with a Florida child injury attorney to determine your child’s rights. Not all injuries that occur on a trampoline are actionable. If the injury was caused by rough play, unsafe equipment, or other negligence, a Florida child injury lawyer may be able to recover compensation for you and your child.

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