Train on Florida East Coast Railway Kills Three Teen Girls Crossing Florida Bridge


In Florida, families in and near Melbourne are mourning the tragic railroad related deaths of three teens. The tragedy took place near downtown Melbourne. What started out as a normal day at a mall for the teens turned into a terrible and preventable accident. The incident was even witnesses by several people who could only look and shout with horror as the event was unfolding in front of them. It was reported that there was a No Trespassing sign near the area which included a railroad trestle that spanned 200 feet over a creek. Unknown to the teens at the time that they got on the tracks, a train was nearby and pounding down the tracks. Of the four teens on the tracks, only one was able to escape for safety.

It was reported that the teens even ignored the warnings of a local fisherman who was in the area at the time. Railroad tragedies of this nature are far too common. Since there were deaths that resulted from this incident, a full investigation will be conducted which may involve answering or addressing the following questions:

What the the speed of the train prior to and at the time of the incident?

What was the speed limit in the area?

Were the tracks and adjacent area properly constructed and maintained per railroad regulations?

Was the incident avoidable if additional measures were taken prior to the incident?

What was the visibility at the time of the incident?

Were there prior problems with teens or others in or on this area of the tracks in the past?

Had the teens themselves been in this area before?

It is important that these stories are reported so that tragedies of this nature are avoided in the future. You can read more about this story at Train Kills Three Teens Crossing Bridge – Melbourne, Florida.