Tragic School Bus and Semi Tractor Trailer Accident in Marion County (Ocala) Florida – Legal Rights and Issues of Injury Victims


A tragic happened took place in Ocala (Marion County) Florida on U.S. Highway 301 near 155th Street. The trailer appeared to be a CSX vehicle while early reports did not indicate where the yellow school bus was from. There were 23 people on the school bus. Florida Highway Patrol reported that both vehicles caught on file. There are several legal issues involved in an accident of this nature including the following:

Was the driver of the school bus negligent?

Was the driver of the semi tractor trailer negligent?

Was there negligence on the part of both the school bus driver and the truck driver?

Was the accident caused by faulty maintenance of a vehicle? Faulty equipment?

Why did each vehicle catch on fire?

Was the bus equipped with seat belts? Were the seat belts operational?

Was the school bus operated by a government entity or a private entity?

What was the driving record of each driver?

What insurance is available for the victims of the crash?

All of these questions and more will be addressed by a trained attorney handling a case of this nature. A Florida Child Injury Lawyer faces issues like the ones above as well as issues related to injuries, medical treatment, medical bills, and compensation for pain, suffering, and related injuries every day. Further investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol, private attorneys, investigators, and accident reconstruction experts should provide additional information on this accident and the related legal issues.

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