Tragic Deaths Reported in Julington Creek – Children Shot to Death


Julington Creek Plantation is a housing development located in Northwest St. Johns County. Julington Creek is a family oriented community with a few restaurants, two Publix supermarkets, great schools, and lots of youth baseball, football, softball, basketball, and soccer. The somewhat peaceful and quiet community of Julington Creek made news with the tragic and shocking shooting of a mother and her two children. With news trucks and St. Johns Sheriff Deputies on the scene, investigators are piecing together the scene of the crime. Residents of Julington Creek are eager to find out details of these crimes that involved the death of a mother and two school aged children. Anybody with information regarding these crimes should contact the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office.

With further investigation and information, law enforcement will hopefully learn more about the events that lead up to the death of the mother and children. The deaths of these Julington Creek Plantation will certainly be felt by extended family members, the neighborhood, friends, and the schools atttended by the children. See Mother and 2 Children Found Death in Julington Creek Plantation.