Tragic Death of 18 Year Old Jacksonville Resident Leads to Organ Donations

From death, four new lives . . .


Antoine Green’s organ donation gave recipients a second chance. Antoine Green’s parents made a very tough decision for a parent and decided to donate the organs of their son, who had no brain activity, to needed recipients. Antoine’s parents, Linda Foster and Andrew Green, said a long goodbye to their son at bedside at Shands Jacksonville.

Then they turned his body over to the doctor, so surgeons could save what was left. So four other dying people could have a second chance at survival. A person can elect to be an organ donor on his or her driver’s license. Estate planning documents can also address the issue of organ donation. Since the decision to be an organ donor may require an immediate decision, it is advisable to elect to be an organ donor on the driver’s license as opposed to tracking down the estate documents. The Green family should be commended by their generosity in donating their son’s organs to save, enhance, and prolong the lives of others.

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