Tragic Bulldog Attack in Ocala area Home Kills 3 Year Old Girl


In Florida, a family is mourning the death of a 3 year old who was the unfortunate attack by a bulldog. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported that a male bulldog attacked the girl. There were four dogs outside the home at the time of the attack. The incident began when the girl got tangled in a chain as the mother went inside the home. It was not detailed in the news story but it may be that the events unfolded in a very short span of time.

Dog attacks are common in Florida and other States. Dogs are animals and their conduct and disposition cannot be predicted with certainty. When a dog feels threatened or in danger for whatever reason, a dog may lash out and attack a child.

The dog, that attacked the girl, and the other three dogs were taken into custody by animal control officials. You can read more about his story at Ocala Area 3 Year Old Loses Life In Bulldog Attack.