Tragic Automobile Accident Reported in Orlando Florida – Toddler Ejected from SUV and Dies


A one year old child died on Monday in Orlando, Florida as a result of injuries suffered from an automobile accident. The car that the Florida child was riding in hit a pole when the driver lost control in rainy weather conditions. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the child was sitting in a car seat; however, the car seat was not secured properly to the family SUV. The car seat that Darvin Thomas Jr. was siting in was thrown out the rear door of the SUV. The child’s mother was also injured in the accident. The Florida Highway Patrol stated that the mother was not wearing a seat belt. Darvin Thomas, the driver and father of the child also suffered minor injuries. Officials from the Florida Highway patrol report that the driver was driving without and license and the tires were worn on the SUV. Since a death resulted from this accident, local law enforcement and / or the Florida Highway Patrol will conduct a full investigation into the cause and preventability of the death of the child.

In the State of Florida, children under the age of 5 must be properly restrained while riding in a motor vehicle. The law also requires children under the are of 3 to be fastened in a separate safety seat. Every time you place your child in a car seat, make sure it is properly installed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers child car seat safety inspection stations. Certified technicians will inspect you child’s car seat to verify proper installation. Check the NHTSA website to locate a car seat inspection location near you. For more information see, Tragic Automobile Accident Reported in Orlando Florida- Toddler Ejected From SUV and Dies.

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