Dealing with the Death of a Child Resulting from a Pedestrian / Automobile Accident in Florida


In Florida, children are the unfortunate victims of incidents causing injuries and even death. Many such incidents happen in the home or close to the home. Because danger know no proximity or distance, it is important that safety measures are followed at all times practical when children are present and nearby. Many incidents are preventable with due care and attentiveness while other such incidents are not foreseeable at all. Whenever a child dies, there is a ripple of sadness through the family, neighborhood, school, and community. When there is a child death, parents need and deserve the comfort and support of family members, friends, Church or other religious institutions, and others. It among the toughest things in life to death with the aftermath of the untimely death of a child.

In Manatee, Florida, an incident was recently reported by the Bradenton Herald. It was reported that Daisy Martinez, age 4, was hit by a vehicle in a yard near her family home. The accelerator on the vehicle involved in the accident may have gotten stuck and thereby may have been a contributing factor or cause of the incident. For more information regarding this story – See 4 Year Old Dies in Pedestrian / Automobile Accident in Manatee, Florida.

In addition to the support and comfort of community, parents, who are dealing with the aftermath of the death of child, at times will need legal advice as to the affairs of the child, insurance, legal matters, and other issues. A Florida Child Injury Lawyer can be contacted to provide advice, consultation, and legal representation.

The book titled – When a Parent’s World Goes from Full to Empty – The Wrongful Deaht of a Child – What a Parent Needs to Know About The Florida Wrongful Death Act – is a good resource for parent seeking answers and information in dealing with a case dealing with a death of a child. You can get this book for free at From Full to Empty.

Another good resource for parents and others is the book – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know. This book has chapters on Automobile Accidents, School Injuries, Day Care Center Injuries, and other topics. Get this book for free at The ABCs of Child Injury.

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