Tragic Accident in Lake County, Florida – 2 Year Old Run Over by Pick Up Truck


In Lake County, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reported that a tragic accident took place involving a 2 year old child. Natalie Santiago was run over by a pick up truck. The driver was not aware that the child was outside or near his vehicle. The child later died at South Lake Hospital. The death of Natalie Santiago is a great loss for her family and the community. See Pick Up Runs Over – Kills Two Year Old in Lake County, Florida.

Accidents like these unfortunately continue to be reported. Toddlers and young children have poor safety awareness. Because of the height of these children and the typical visual field of a driver, it can be very difficult to see a child who in in a driveway or who runs into a street.

Parents and drivers should do their best to provide for the safety of small children especially in and near driveways, parking lots, and road ways.