Tragedy Strikes Family in St. Augustine Florida – 9 Month Old Run Over and Killed in Driveway by Van


A 9 month old girl was run over and killed by a GMC Van in St. Augustine, Florida According to First Coast News, the child crawled out of her house and behind the van. The van driver did not see the child but felt a bump as he backed up the van. The driver stopped his van, got out, and saw that he hit a child. 911 was called to the scene and rushed the child to Flagler Hospital. Unfortunately and tragically, the child could not be saved. This tragedy shows the importance of keeping a toddler and all children for that matter safe. Doors and other exits should be secured or closely monitored. Furthermore, it is important to be extra careful when backing out of residential driveways especially in those neighborhoods with many children. It is a said day for all involved in this incident. Police will conduct a more detailed investigation before making any decisions if a crime took place by any of the parties to the incident.

Driveway deaths and injuries are tragically quite common in Florida and the rest of the United States. Government and private studies have estimated 1000s of driveway or backing incidents each year. Young children and toddlers are often times the victims of these incidents. You can read more about at the United States Department of Transportation – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study.

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