Tragedy in Clermont, Florida – 10 Year Old Boy (Anthony Paul Moore) Hit by Pick Up Truck at Bus Stop


According to the National Safety Council, 22 million children across the country ride the school bus to and from school. Unfortunately many children are injured each year and some are sadly killed.

Anthony Paul Moore, ten-years-old was tragically hit by a pickup truck and killed while waiting for the school bus in Lake County. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the incident occurred on Lake Minneola Shores Road near Oklahoma Street in Clermont. Moore was taken to Southlake Hospital where he was sadly pronounced dead. Mario Alberto Saucedo, 39, of Clermont was allegedly driving without a license and traveling over the speed limit. The FHP said Saucedo was taken to the Lake County Jail and faces other charges. The Minneola Elementary School bus had not arrived when the accident occurred.

The death of a child is a tragic loss to their family, friends and community. There are a few things that parents, children and motorists can do to help prevent school bus related accidents.

Safety Tips for Children
• Children should walk safely to the bus stop and stay five giant steps away from the road.
• When the school bus arrives, children should never move toward the bus until the doors open.
• While on the bus, students should stay in their seat until the bus stops and the driver opens the door.

Safety Tips for Drivers
• Drivers must obey reduced speed limits during school hours and remember that speeding fines are doubled in school zones.
• Vehicles must stop in all directions upon approaching any school bus, and may not pass the bus until the signal has been withdrawn on two-lane roads without an unpaved space of five feet or more physical barrier.
• Drivers should be aware that school buses stop at all railroad crossings

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