Trafficking and Abuse of Child Leads to Life Sentence to Florida Man


In Jacksonville, Florida, it was reported that Ian Sean Gordon (age 29) was recently given a life sentence for his heinous acts and crimes against a 15 year old girl. Gordon entered a guilty plea to the criminal charges of trafficking. Court documents indicated that Gordon gave the girl drugs (crack cocaine) and transported and supervised the child in various sex acts of prostitution. Profiting off of the abuse of a child is certainly immoral and worthy of a life sentence in prison. The case was prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office.

Ian Sean Gordon is guilty of these crimes. In addition, any persons who may have helped Gordon or who had sex or abused the child are also guilty as well. Ian Sean Gordon did not abuse this child on his own.

It is most unfortunate that headlines were made in Jacksonville, Florida of these crimes. Fortunately, law enforcement and prosecutors successfully prosecuted this man who will no longer be a threat to society or children in the future. See Child Sex Trafficker Ian Sean Gordon Sentenced to Life in Prison.

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