Toddler Sustains Serious Personal Injuries in Driveway Backing Out Accident In Orange County Florida


A 50 year old man was charged with leaving the scene of an accident that caused serious injuries to a 15 month old toddler. The driver, Manuel Mendez backed over the Israel Williams, who was in the driveway of his Orange County, Florida home. Mendez left the scene of the accident that left the child in critical condition. The driver was arrested several hours later.

Accidents involving drivers backing into children are all too common. These type of accidents can be prevented by carefully checking for children or objects behind you. Always pay special attention to the blind spots. Many new model automobiles have backup cameras to assist in viewing what is behind the automobile. Never leave the scene of an accident and always call for assistance if someone involved in the accident is injured. For more information on the article Toddler Sustains Serious Injuries in Driveway Backing out Accident in Orange County Florida.