2 Year Old Toddler Survives Shooting in Keystone Heights, Florida


In Keystone Heights, Florida, a 2 year old toddler Conner Keene) was recently shot in the stomach while a a home in the area. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office officials believe that the shooting was accidental. Detectives, however, do not believe that Connor fire the gun which was a .22 caliber handgun. Conner underwent surgery at Shands – University of Florida. The child is expected to recover from these injuries. Clay County Sheriff’s Office detectives will further investigate this matter to determine if any criminal charges would be filed. Issues or questions that may be addressed through the investigation may include the following:

Who is the registered owner of the gun?

Were there any safety precautions in place to keep the gun away from children?

Who fired the gun?

What did witnesses report as to the incident?

Who owned the home where the incident took place?

Is there homeowner’s insurance coverage in place to cover the medical bills?

What adults, if any, were supervising the child and other children at the time of the incident?

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