Toddler Suffers Serious Personal Injuries – Palm Beach County Florida – Dangers of Driveways


In Palm Beach County, Florida, a 3-year-old girl was pronounced dead after being hit by an SUV that was driver by the girl’s mother. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the child was hit by the SUV while the mother was moving the vehicle in front of a house. According to the story posted in the Gainesville Sun newspaper website, it was uncertain how the child got out of the house. The injured child was rushed to a nearby hospital (St. Mary’s Medical Center) where she was later pronounced dead.

It cannot be stressed enough how imperative it is for parents, babysitters, day care providers, teachers and other caregivers to always keep an eye on their children and to keep children protected and away from dangers. Of course, some incidents cannot be prevented or anticipated. Furthermore, in life, mistakes do happen. It should be kept top of mind that children are unpredictable and are usually unaware of the dangers at home, school, day care centers, and other places. Children are too young to appreciate the high number of hazards they are susceptible to. Therefore, because children have poor safety awareness, parents and other child care givers should be alert and proactive in protecting children from potential harm and personal injury. The best method for protecting a child from negligent harm and injury is to always be aware of the child’s whereabouts. Also, if a child is in a home, all the doors and windows need to be locked or otherwise secured to prevent the child from wandering outside without proper supervision.

A child injury lawyer should be contacted to discuss the legal issues (liability, damages, insurance issues, child abuse and neglect claims, etc.) where there are issues or questions surrounding a child injury.

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