Toddler Suffers Fracture to Leg Due to Wrestling Moves – Man Arrested in Lee County, Florida


A Southwest Florida man was recently charged with aggravated child abuse after he allegedly performed wresting moves on a 21-month-old boy, fracturing 4 of the toddler’s ribs. The man performed the acts on the boy while watching the sport on television. The man was identified as 35-year-old Steve Plummer. The toddler’s mother, Alexis Serrano, 26, told investigators the Plummer, her boyfriend, would occasionally slam her son on the bed, using great force. She also informed investigators that she witnessed Plummer punch her son in the ribs, throw a basketball at his abdomen and slam the toddler into a wall. Although Serrano did not personally fear Plummer, she did want the situation between her boyfriend and son to improve. Plummer has been charged with aggravated child abuse and Serrano with child neglect. The boy and his sibling are currently staying with relatives. For more read Florida man charged with child abuse after breaking ribs of toddler while performing wrestling moves.

Adults need to be aware of their strength compared to that of a child’s. Although some children may enjoy playful and harmless rough-housing, the potential for injury is still present.

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