Toddler Left in Car in Longwood, Florida While Mother Parties


The Orlando Sentinel and the Seminole County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office report that a mother left her toddler in a car with the engine one while she went out to party. The car was left unattended and unlocked. Then, David Carver, age 36, allegedly stole the car with the child inside. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office issued an amber alert for the chile who is identified as Jamir Abduli Worgs. You can read more about this story at Seminole County Mother Leaves Child Unattended in Car While She Is Out Partying.

This story illustrates the type of parenting that takes place when a parent has an issue or problem with drugs or alcohol. Children need close supervision and attention. Drugs and alcohol, as well as immaturity and a lack of common sense, put children at danger due to poor judgment, poor decisions, and inattention on the part of a parent.