Tips for Protecting Your Florida Child from Burn Injuries


Laura Weathers, a medical doctor and Tampa Tribune writer, posted a good article on How Can I Protect My Child from Burn Injuries? Dr. Weathers pointed out that burn related injuries are ranked third (behind drownings and auto accidents) for deaths for children ages 1 to 4 according the to CDC ( Center for Disease Control). Dr. Weathers also noted that burn injuries often take place in the kitchen and bathroom. You can read more about this topic and Dr. Weathers’ tips for avoiding these injuries at How Can I Protect My Child from Burn Injuries?

Diligent adult supervision can avoid most of these injuries. Parents should pay close attention to the advise in Dr. Weathers’ article. In addition, caregivers, day care workers, and other adults charged with watching children should pay close attention to the advise.

After an injury takes place, it may be helpful to contact a Jacksonville Florida child injury attorney to determine your child’s rights for a possible claim against a homeowner, day care center, school, and / or others.

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