Tiger Escapes Zoo and Kills One Person

A tiger escaped from its cage at the San Francisco Zoo and killed one person. Three young men were observing the Tiger area at the time of the incident. One of them was killed while others tried to distract and get the Tiger off of their friend. The incident took place in California. As a guest of the zoo, the young men were entitled to a reasonable safe environment to be walk through the common walkways without attack by the Tiger or any other animals for that matter.


If the incident took place in Florida, it would make a big difference if the person was an employee or guest. If the victim was an employee, Florida worker’s compensation laws would be the primary authority for the case. Typically, a death case has a cap of $150,000 for worker’s compensation cases. On the other hand, if the case involved a guest, there would be no limits on a case of this nature for the wrongful death of the guest.

Jacksonville Florida has a wonderful zoo. I am not aware of any wrongful death incidents at the Jacksonville Zoo which is a well run attraction located North of Downtown Jacksonville. My family has an annual pass and we enjoy our trips to the zoo. In reading the San Francisco Zoo incident, I will be on the look out for any safety problems at the Jacksonville Zoo and report them accordingly. I know one of the Directors of the Zoo and it would be nice to help him and the Zoo avoid the tragedies like the one in San Francisco if I see any problems at our Zoo.

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