Three Year Old Girl Injured While Riding Dirt Bike: Dangers of Dirt Bikes for Children and Teens


In Florida, dirt bikes (motocross bikes) are popular among children and teens. There is plenty of space, trails, and places to ride dirt bikes. Like any other type of motorized vehicle, dirt bikes can be dangerous especially when operated by teen and children. The Orlando Sentinel reported that a 3 year old girl (Aiyna Bryant) suffered serious personal injuries when she was thrown off a dirt bike that was being operated by her 16 year old cousin (Jaime Johnson). The injured child was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital for emergency trauma treatment.

Some parents do not let their children operate or ride on dirt bikes or motorcycles. Others do allow their children on dirt bikes if there is proper supervision, safety precautions, helmets, and training. Accidents in life do happen even with all possible supervision and safety precautions. The problem is that there is an inherent danger and risk to riding dirt bikes. Parents and supervisors of children should read stories like this and use it as a teaching tool for their children.

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