Three Teen Girls Criminally Charged for Attacking Another Girl


In Orlando, police authorities have charged three teen girls with attacking another teen girl. The incident started with a dispute between two girls. Later, three girls went to confront another teen girl. Punches were thrown, pepper spray was used, and the victim’s head was slammed against a driveway. There may have been a knife pulled out during the assault as well. This brutal attack could have easily caused serious personal injuries or death to the victim. Of course, the suspects will be entitled to their “day in court” and also will be able to defend themselves against these charges through the legal representation of a Florida criminal defense attorney or a public defender. The fight seemed to be related to a phone call and a boyfriend dispute of some nature. Violence among teens is not the way to work out disputes or problems. Children can be serious injured and prison or jail terms can be imposed for the criminal conduct. See Three Girls Charged with Attacking Another Girl in Orlando, Florida.