Three Arrested for BB Gun Shooting of 6 Year Old in Palmetto, Florida


In Florida and Other States, BB Guns are used as weapons every day by children as well as adults. BB guns can cause serious person injuries to children including but not limited to eye injuries, facial injuries, bruising, welts, and other injuries.
In Palmetto, Florida, three people were arrested after a 6 year old boy was shot by a BB gun while riding a bicycle. The 6 year old victim was shot in his torso area between his waist and his underarm. Paramedics responded to the scene. Since there was a concern that a BB pellet or bullet may have entered the little boy’s chest cavity, he was flown on an emergency basis to Bayfront Medical Center. The three criminal suspects all had BB guns as they were shooting at glass bottles. After the incident, some fled the scene and even tried to hid their weapons. Eventually, investigators were able to piece together the relevant facts and execute some arrests.

Whether a BB gun pellet or bullet hits a child by an intentional or an accidental shooting, it is still a dangerous situation that can lead to sometimes life threatening injuries. Parents should closely supervise their children if they have BB guns. Personally, my children will not be getting a BB gun as a present from me during any part of their lifetime. You can read more about the shooting of the 6 year old at BB Shooting Leads to 3 Arrests in Palmetto, Florida.