The Shield Finger Guard for Doors – A Safety Device that Every Florida Day Care Center and Child Care Center Should Put in Place


Finger injuries and hand injuries happen frequently to children who unknowingly put their fingers and hands in dangerous areas. One common place of injury is the hinge area of a door. Serious injuries and even amputations occur when a child puts his or her hand / finger in the hinge area and then the door is closed. These child injuries can be prevented with proper supervision and safety measures. I located a great product online called THE SHIELD which provides a polypropylene (plastic molding) covering or guard to the dangerous area / space between the door and the door frame. At $9.99, it is a very inexpensive way to better safeguard a day care center, child care center, and school.

There are over 115,000 hand, finger, and wrist injuries involving doors and then treatment in emergency rooms annually according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

For the child enrolled in the day care center, child care center, or school, THE SHIELD can help prevent a lifelong injury to the child. For those in the business of providing child care services, THE SHIELD can reduce claims, injuries, and possibly even reduce your insurance premiums.

I am not a spokesman or representative of the company that puts out THE SHIELD. I just believe that it is a simple, inexpensive, and important product that can provide additional safety to young children enrolled in day care programs, child care programs, and schools throughout Florida and the rest of the nation.

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