The Importance of Safe Driving for Teens During Prom Season


As the prom season approaches, it is important to remind parents to reinforce car safety rules with their teenage children. Reinforcing and stressing the importance of automobile safety will hopefully ease the worries of parents. In the weekly issue of Healthy Child Report, Arkansas Children’s Hospital offered parents some advice on how to deal with addressing these particular issues. Below are 5 critical rules to help in injury prevention during prom night:
1. Address the issue of alcohol on prom night. Many may be surprised that children access alcohol from their own parents. Within the home is one, if not primary, place where minors gain access to alcohol. Therefore, parents should eliminate this problem all together by not keeping alcohol in the home during and around their child’s prom.
2. Stress seat belt use. Although seat belts may not fit comfortably across those beautiful prom dresses and tuxedos they should still be worn. Hopefully, you’re child will not be involved in a crash but if he or she is a seat belt could save his or her life.
3. NO texting and driving. Texting while driving has been considered just as dangerous as drinking and driving.
4. Limit other distractions. Limit the number of passengers and other distractions such as loud music. Focus and attention on the road should be paramount.
5. Allow only one other teenage friend in the car with your child driver.

Although you teen may be apprehensive to following some of these rules, know that these rules are ultimately life saving and in your child’s best interest. For more on this topic read Prom Safety: Alcohol, Automobiles and more. .