The Importance of Photographs When Documenting the Accident Scene and Injury to a Florida Child


Photographs are extremely important pieces of evidence when documenting an injury to a Florida child caused by the negligence of another person or business. Most mobile telephones have cameras built in. Some camera phones are better than others. I typically advise clients to take photographs with a regular or digital camera to make sure that the photographs clearly document the injuries or the site of an accident. In my law practice, photographs have been pivotal in documenting the following:

Vehicle damage;
Skid marks;
Dangerous floors, parking lots, stairs, and other conditions;
Damage to barriers, trees, and roadways;
Lacerations, burns, and cuts;
Stitches, staples, and surgical incisions;
Bruises and welts;
Facial injuries;
Eye injuries;
Scarring; and
Dog bites.

If you do not have a camera, ask to borrow one or buy a disposable camera. Sometimes, the photograph is the most important evidence on a case. Of course, it is helpful to have the advise, consultation, and representation on a Florida child injury matter in order to make sure the photographs and other evidence are properly preserved and presented to support a claim or lawsuit.

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