The Dangers of Semi Tractor Trailers and Logging Trucks

An unfortunate trucking accident / automobile accident took place recently outside of Savannah, Georgia. Busy roadways in cities like Savannah Georgia and Jacksonville Florida are the sites of serious automobile accidents. A bus load of mentally handicapped people were hit by a logging truck. According to Georgia State Highway Patrol, it was amazing that no one died in the accident. Some of the passengers and drivers were taken to a local hospital. Logging Truck Hits Van Occupied by Mentally Handicapped People.

This accident shows the dangers of large trucks on the roadways of South Georgia and North Florida (Jacksonville). It is important to drive your vehicle in a safe manner. Even when you do so, the negligence of another driver may cause a serious accident.

If you have any questions about an automobile accident or trucking accident, call a personal injury attorney for advice and consultation regarding your respective rights.

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