The Centers for Disease Control Issues Guidelines for Day Care Centers / Swine Flu


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidelines for day care centers through the nation in preparation for the Swine Flu. There is a real danger of the spread of Swine Flu through day care centers. One infected child or child care worker could spread the Swine Flu throughout the day care facility. As such, it is important for day care center operators and managers to be proactive in their attempts to prevent or limit the spread of Swine Flu. The Centers for Disease Control has recommended that day care centers take the temperature of children entering the day care facility. Those children who are healthy can remain in the day care center. You can read more about this protocol at Daycares Issued Protocols for Dealing with Swine Flu.

In addition to following the protocols or recommendations of the CDC, day care centers should follow their own policies and procedures as well as the regulations set forth by the regulatory agency for that particular State. Many personal injuries and illnesses can be prevented or limited by the following the rules and regulations for the day care center.