The Benefits to Parents of Internet Video Monitoring in Day Care Centers


The digital world and the Internet has its disadvantages and advantages, especially concerning children. However, Polka Dots Childcare Center, a day care center in Stratham, New Hampshire, has used the Internet to allow parents to watch their children while at daycare. Polka Dots set up cameras in the indoor and outdoor play areas of its facility and stream live video over the Internet. The live stream is only available to parents or those people who the parents designate can log onto the live video stream.

Video monitoring in day cares has caught on throughout the nation. Specifically throughout the South, California and Texas, 27 day cares now use the service provider used by Polka Dots, Share In My Day technology. If privacy is an issue, parents need not be worried, Share In My Day strategically angles cameras so as not to view changing tables, bathrooms or other private areas. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Video monitoring of day care centers gives parents a new-found sense of relief.

This new use of cameras in day care centers have given parents some peace of mind. Some parents claimed to be more relaxed just by knowing they can check on their child at any time. Parents should also keep in mind that cameras are not a substitute for on site visits during drop off, pick up, and other times.