The Basics of Cerebral Palsy – Tips for Parents


Cerebral Palsy is a brain disorder that commonly results from a brain injury. It is commonly associated with births or events at or soon after birth; however, Cerebral Palsy can also result from child abuse or trauma that takes place thereafter. I located a good article with diagrams of characteristics of Cerebral Palsy. It is important for parents to get an early diagnose of neurological disorders like Cerebral Palsy so that treatment and therapy plans can be put in place. In addition, lawsuits and claims in Florida and other states are subject to time limitations or statutes of limitations. As such, a timely diagnosis can assist parents in retaining a Florida Child Injury Lawyer to represent the child for birth or trauma related injuries causing Cerebral Palsy. You can read about the basics of Cerebral Palsy at Special Needs Kids 101: What is Cerebral Palsy?