Texting While Driving – Public Service Announcement – Dangers to Teens and Others on the Road


In Florida and other States as well as the rest of the world, texting while driving has become a real problem that happens every day. I viewed this You Tube video that was sent by a concerned friend. My friend recognized the dangers of texting while driving and wanted to help spread the message. It appears that the video was filmed in Europe, England, or Australia. While the English accents are distinct, the message is universal. The comments by the viewers vary. Whether you believe the video is realistic or a good presentation of the problem of texting while driving or not, the topic or issue of texting while driving is an important one to consider and discuss with others including your children. Texting while driving can and does lead to automobile accidents, serious personal injuries, and wrongful death. Waiting to send out or view that text message won’t change a life but distracted driving can and does change lives.